Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Suck at Asking for Help

The team lunch this weekend is going to be a relatively simple affair; mini-submarine sandwiches, string cheese, grapes, individual packages of trail mix and bottled water.

Organizing the thing should be easy-peasy except; I suck at asking people for help. I mean, I really suck at it. So, what should have been a relatively simple matter of making a few phone calls has turned into making forty-some sandwiches, purchasing two cases of water and crossing my fingers that the one other parent who signed up to help won’t mind footing the bill for twelve pounds of grapes.

It’s ridiculous, really.

And, the lunch is only one example of this character flaw; I also fail to ask for help when planning events for my ASTRA club (This past weekend’s initiation ceremony, for example), when conducting business for my woman’s club (Fun Night ring any bells?) and, even when doing chores around the house.

I inevitably find myself fretting and stressing over how I'm going to accomplish everything that needs to be accomplished and, before long, the fretting and worrying leads to a Migraine or, at the very least, to a chocolate binge.

It’s beyond ridiculous, actually.

I would seek treatment for this near-pathological fear of imposing on other people’s time, talent and/or finances, but, yeah....see above: title of this post.

Le sigh.

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