Thursday, October 27, 2011

Throwing in the Towel

I have recently arrived at the conclusion that my gray hair is beyond home intervention. There is no dye on the market that will cover my silver roots for longer than a week and I am sick to death of wasting time, money, energy and emotion over it. That said, I have no desire to sport a head full of granny hair so, with much trepidation; I have scheduled an appointment to have an actual professional tackle my roots. The professional in question assures me that I won't regret the decision to go pro; she guarantees my satisfaction and, she's willing to bet her-really good-reputation on it.

I hope she's right. Also, I hope the cost of the service will be in relation to the money I save on box kits from the Hellmouth, and, if wishes were ponies, beggars would ride.

It's an investment in's an investment in's an investment in me...(if I say it often enough, I will come to believe it).

Because this look is only acceptable one day out of the year.

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