Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Just in Case You Didn't Think We Were Redneck ENOUGH

In addition to teaching Hugh's nephew how to shoot guns while he was visiting us, we also encouraged him to ride motorcycles and to play with fire.

Ok, not exactly, but, there was a wild ride on Oscar's ATV...

...and numerous rockets were shot into the stratosphere, which, did require ignition by spark, which could be considered playing with fire, I mean, technically.

The visit wasn't all dare-devil, risk-taking fun, of course; the boys also went fishing and skiing and we dyed Easter eggs which is about as dangerous as leaping into a vat of cotton balls. There was also trampoline jumping and Leggo building and picture drawing and cartoon watching and passing out on the couch in a fit of exhaustion (Hugh and his brother, no lie) and wine drinking and mimosas on the porch (ok, that would be me).

It was a great visit and I hope we don't wait another two years before we are able to do it, again. Although, at that point, the boys will be older and less easily entertained and will probably want to do something nutso like jumping out of an airplane or racing cars or something, and, no,

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