Tuesday, April 03, 2012

What Goes TDY, Stays TDY

In my previous life, I spent Spring Break in the company of The Girls. Together, we traveled to Mexico, Las Vegas, and, one year; to the bustling metropolis of Pueblo, Colorado, where we watched our college basketball team play in the state finals.

Those trips elicit memories of a simpler time, when a bag of Funyuns, a case of diet soda and a bag of beef jerky constituted a pantry from which three days worth of meals could be cobbled together and when more thought was put into our wardrobes than in meeting our daily nutritional requirements. This was especially apparent in Mexico, where Diet Pepsi was about as easy to locate as the lost city of gold, but; where we all developed an appreciation for goat cheese nachos and rum drinks mixed in large trashcans.

This spring break will find me traveling to the City of My Alma Mater, where I will once again have a chance to spend some time with at least one (hopefully, two) of my college roommates. We will spend decidedly less time ogling hot men and more time cheering our daughters on to volleyball victories, but, at least we will be together.

And, you know, should a number of hot young men just happen to present themselves for ogling, well, BONUS!

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