Friday, April 06, 2012

True Confessions

While putting together the kids' Easter baskets last night, I discovered that; if I stuck my face in a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs, inhaled deeply, and held the air in my lungs for a beat before exhaling; I could totally taste the chocolate in the back of my throat. It was almost as good as eating it but, without the calories and the breaking of the Lenten vow and such.

Also, I'm pretty sure this is how a problem with addiction starts; huffing Cadbury Mini Eggs is the gateway to mainlining dark chocolate and, before you know it, you are buying chocolate covered espresso beans from a shady character in some back alley.

Plus, a grown woman with her face shoved in a bag of candy just looks ridiculous and, I'm really quite embarrassed to admit that I did it.

That doesn't mean I won't do it again or anything, which, when you think about it; proves the point about addiction quite well.

There has got to be a twelve step program for this, somewhere.

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