Thursday, April 26, 2012

Who's Paranoid NOW, Hugh?

You know how, a few weeks ago, I joked about the wind blowing so hard that I was actually concerned about our trampoline taking flight and crashing into the house? And, about how, when I told Hugh about that particular concern, he simply patted my head like I was simple?

Yeah, hey, guess what happened, today?

Yes, I'm serious.

Ok, fine, so it didn't crash into the house, exactly, but the fence took a really good hit.

And, I'm not even complaining, because, had it not been for the fence, one of our neighbors would have had nineteen feet of springy canvas crashing through their house, which would have been even worse.

Plus, our homeowners insurance would have gone up which would have sucked.

As it was, it took the Man-Cub, The Teenager, one of The Teenager's friends, me, and two police officers, who happened to be next door (well, one of them lives next door so it probably wasn't as coincidental as one might imagine, you know, him being there, and, as always, I digress...,) to wrangle the trampoline out of the fence and back onto it's pad in the yard, where; we made sure to remove the netting and the higher side posts in an effort to eliminate the chance of a second flight.

Fingers crossed, I guess.

And, valuable lessons learned from this experience include:

-Tie down your freakin' trampoline.
-Never underestimate your wife's innate sense of paranoia, Hugh.
-Fences make good neighbors.
-But, be nice to your neighbors, anyway, because you never know when you will need one to jump over your privacy fence in pursuit of your errant trampoline.

The end.

(Of this story. And, possibly, of the trampoline, may she rest in pieces)

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