Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ten Happy Things

1.    I took a long walk today. The weather was lovely, and, most of the work on the ponds at the park has been finished so; I didn't have to deal with the sounds of loud machinery or with the dust that the machines create. I could actually breathe, which, is nice.

2.    Yesterday I took a three-hour nap in the afternoon. It was delicious.

3.    The Teenager has been asked to put in an application for National Honor Society. I really hope she is accepted but, just being asked to apply is pretty special.

4.    My tulips are blooming.

5.    I held the first meeting of my spring Luncheon committee today and I really, really like every woman with whom I will be working.

6.    I wore cropped jeans, a black tank and a camel-colored cropped blazer today and I looked good, if I do say so, myself.

7.    The Man-Cub looks so absolutely adorable with braces; I am having a hard time not pinching his cheeks completely off from all the cuteness.

8.    I have had two good hair days. In a row.

9.    Dark chocolate-covered pomegranate seeds are back on the menu.

10.  I have a date to see The Lucky One with my daughter this weekend. As a bonus, she does not judge me harshly  for having a slight crush on Zac Efron.

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