Sunday, September 30, 2012

Autumn in the Rockies

Hugh, the Cub and I drove over a beautiful mountain pass to get to The Teenager's volleyball game yesterday. It was the perfect day for that type of drive; the sun was shining and the colors were vivid and glorious. They were also right at their peak; by this time next week, the show will be over and the leaves will have dropped, so, I was especially happy to have the opportunity to make the trip.

Since the volleyball games were almost two hours away, the school made the very smart decision to also schedule games in a nearby town for the same day, saving us from making the same trip twice. In between games, we were able to do a little shopping and I was thrilled to find two life-sized skeletons at a great price. I now have Hugh working on assembling them so that I can direct him in positioning them in an awesome Halloween tableau that I first saw on Pinterest.

We also had a really tasty lunch at a cute little pub, got to spend some quality time with the Man-Cub and watched the girls woop up on the competition in both towns.

It was a really good day. No wonder autumn is my favorite time of the year.

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  1. Absolutely lovely foliage! Ours down here is not quite that vivd even at its peak, but I love to watch the leaves changing. Such a beautiful gift from God... thanks for sharing the pics with us!