Thursday, September 06, 2012

Officially Employed and Freaking Out

I went in to my new place of employment today to take the required physical and to fill out more paperwork. While I was there my new supervisor congratulated me on my first day and I was like, my whaaaat?

So, yeah, today was my first day at the new job; I worked a total of one hour. A girl could get used to that, but, not this girl.

Tomorrow, I have been invited to attend a two-hour meeting of my new colleagues and my first full day of work will commence on September 17th, allowing me ample time to read up on my new position, to fill out the mountain of paperwork required for enrollment in the benefits program provided by the organization, to make sure that everything is totally caught up at the store so that I don't feel overwhelmed by my extra duties, and, to talk my children down from the ledge on which they are currently perched in protest of my going back to work, full time.

I'm going to be busy, me thinks.

Oh, and there is this little thing called Homecoming happening next week, which means that my photography services will be required at numerous events and that my assistance will be required in the kitchen, where Hugh's culinary expertise is being pressed into service for an elaborate pre-dance dinner for six.

Aaaand, we have volleyball games, orthodontist appointments, doctor's appointments, and football games to attend, which, speaking of football; the Man-Cub's team tied in their season opener this evening. They were playing Darren's team from the rival school and a tie was pretty impressive considering the fact that we haven't beaten that team in something like seven years. Also, the Man-Cub was instrumental in scoring our lone touchdown, courtesy of an awesome block that he threw to protect his buddy, Trace who ran the ball into the end zone (Look, Dad! Actual football terms! There may be hope for me after all!).

It was quite exciting. Kind of like the rest of my day, I guess.

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