Saturday, September 08, 2012

Things I Should Be Doing Instead of Sitting On The Couch

- Pulling the dead plants out of my garden; the cucumber, green bean and strawberry plants are basically done for the season and the beets, carrots and zucchini are ready for the final harvest. I will still have peppers and tomatoes to deal with for a while and I'm still holding out hope for at least one small sugar pumpkin, but, otherwise, the garden is kaput.

- Hosing down the front porch for the last time this season. I decorated it for autumn yesterday and it looks great, but; the film of dust and dirt has got to go before the kids arrive for Homecoming pictures on Saturday.

- Cleaning the house. There is an especially large volume of cat hair to deal with, lately and I really need to have that done before Homecoming, as well.

- OPIcuring my toenails; my current pedicure is in dire need of rescue.

- Organizing my pantry and defrosting and restocking my freezer; these are things that need to be done before I start my full time job on the 17th.

- Pruning rose bushes, pulling weeds from the flowerbeds, storing the summer porch decorations and generally prepping the yard for the new season.

Of course, I still have a week to get these things done, and, I will accomplish them all. I just need the proper motivation, which, for me, is often a little something that I call the last minute. Panic is a great motivator.

On the bright side, I did accomplish a few things today, cutting my To Do list almost in half. The Teenager and I went shopping, we ordered the boutonniere for her Homecoming date, I picked up a few items for the Man-Cub's birthday later this month, we are now stocked up on dog food, I purchased four racks of babyback ribs for Homecoming dinner and I managed to procure a "nerd" outfit for The Teenager to wear on Monday which is the first day of Spirit Week.

Yes, for all my procrastination, I have managed to pare down that list. And, there is always tomorrow. Which reminds me; I got a Facebook message today, informing me that the Booster Moms are meeting at the school tomorrow to decorate the hallways for Homecoming; better add that to my list as well.

Eh, I'll do it later.

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