Friday, September 28, 2012

Every Day We're Jugglin', Jugglin'

My daily schedule has become a juggling act and, I am happy to report; I am remarkably good at juggling.

New Job continues to be a source of joy for me; I am learning a lot of new things at record speed and I have met a plethora of truly interesting and compassionate people; people whom make the day go by so quickly, I am often surprised to look at the clock and see that it is already the end of the workday.

The hardware store is rolling along pretty well in my absence and I have worked out a schedule that allows me to go in every other day without falling behind. This has enabled me to attend the kids' volleyball and football games on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which was a priority for me when deciding whether or not to take the new job.

Working more hours has forced me to be super-efficient at home; housework is done on a rotating basis, with each room assigned a day or two of the week during which thirty minutes of my evening is spent tidying up or deep-cleaning. Laundry still happens on Sundays, so that hasn't changed but, with the weekly schedule working out like it is; I have Saturday to spend on hobbies or attending weekend volleyball games.

I also find that I am less tired than I was when I had less to do. I know, weird.

Anyway, that is the update on how I'm managing my new duties.

Check back in with me next week to see if all my balls are still in the air or if I have completely dropped my basket. I realize that it could go either way.

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