Friday, May 08, 2015

Friday Favorites: More Products I Love

It's still raining lightly here in Petticoat Junction. But, there were enough breaks in the storm pattern yesterday for the fields to dry out a bit, and, the forecast for this afternoon is sunshine and warm temperatures, so; we are still on for tomorrow's baseball tournament. Fingers crossed that the forecast doesn't change between now and ten o'clock tomorrow morning.

The weather also cleared up enough yesterday evening for me, Hugh, several of my co-workers, and their family members to gather on the patio of one of our favorite restaurants. The purpose of the gathering was to celebrate the fact that my supervisor and I received the certifications that we had been working on for the past year or two, and, it was really nice to see so many people turn out to help us mark the occasion. The food was really good, too (so was the wine).

Today is bound to be a pretty celebratory day as well; The Teenager is finishing up her last two finals and heading home! Mom is also heading this way, to watch the baseball games, and, Katie arrives tomorrow. It's going to be a fabulous weekend!

Also fabulous? The following products, which, are things that I use everyday and that I would be at a loss to replace if I found myself in the position of having to do so.

Buxom lipstick in Nudist. I'm not a big lipstick wearer because I have very thin lips and I hate to draw attention to them. So, dark or brightly colored lipsticks really aren't my thing. This nude shade, however, makes my lips appear thicker and flatters my skin tone. I keep one in my purse, one in my bathroom vanity, and a mini version of it at the office. That's how much I like it.

Victoria's Secret perfume and body spray in Sexy Little Things: Noir. I'm not a fan of heavy perfume, in fact, my migraine headaches have been triggered by them on occasion. This scent, however, is light and not cloying at all. It's super feminine and fresh. Love it.

Too Faced Primed & Poreless powder. I tend to get a bit shiny by the middle of the day if I don't use this setting powder. It really keeps my makeup in place and doesn't alter the color at all.

Urban Decay Oz the Great and Powerful in Glinda. Ok, this particular palet is already discontinued. It was a limited edition when the movie came out and I will never find it again (insert sad face here). On the bright side, a couple of the colors in the palet have been released as singles, including Tornado, the deep purple shade which just happens to be one of my favorite colors.

Last, but not least, the products that I use to clean all the other gunk off my face...

I love the CeraVe products. I use the facial cleaner twice a day. It contains hyaluronic acid, which pumps up my skin with plenty of moisture, and it cleans every trace of makeup off my face. The eye repair cream is awesome and perfect for the sensitive skin around my eyes. Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar in a fabulous moisturizer with additional anti-aging benefits. I combine it with Skinmedica retinol at night and my skin feels smooth and elastic by morning.

So, there you have it.

Now, to prepare for the weekend. Have a good one, y'all!

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