Wednesday, May 20, 2015

In Which We Shall Allow the Weatherman to Live

The forecast for today was right on the money; we had sunshine and warmer temperatures than we have been seeing. The wind even held off long enough for the kids to enjoy the slip 'n ' slide without feeling like they were taking a polar plunge.

The Man-Cub and his friends had a really good time. And that was despite (or, maybe due to) the fact that only a handful of their girlfriends were brave enough to don a bikini, liberally douse themselves with biodegradable dish soap, and hurl themselves down a plastic runway.

As far as I am concerned, it was the girls' loss.

The brave souls who did meet the challenge all had a really good time and I do believe that we can chalk it up as a success.

Now, to prepare ourselves for the crappy weather that the weatherman has forecast for the remainder of the week and into the holiday weekend.

(That sound you are hearing is the sound that my head makes when it hits my desk, repeatedly.)

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