Thursday, May 14, 2015

Throwback Thursday: The Summer Edition

I miss summertime, when my kids were little.

I miss taking them to the swimming pool, where the scent of sunshine, chlorine, grape popsicles, and sunscreen intermingled to create the definitive fragrance of summer.

I miss blowing bubbles on the big swing under the elmwood tree.

I miss the sound of laughter and the squeals of delight as toddlers ran through the bracing water of the sprinklers on hot days.

I miss being presented with bouquets of dandelions, gripped in a small, grubby fist; dandelions that were picked especially for me just because they were pretty. And, available.

I miss laying on the trampoline at night, watching shooting stars race across the sky and I miss watching the kids chase butterflies with total concentration and never a doubt in their minds that they would succeed in catching their quarry.

I miss waking up to Saturday morning cartoon and I miss watching Disney movies with two small, sweaty heads pressed against my shoulders.

I miss the smell of Johnson's Baby shampoo and I miss the sound of the ice cream truck as it made it's way through my parents' neighborhood.

I miss my little people, but I am so fortunate to have had all of those wonderful summer memories with them. And, now that they are big people, we have had the pleasure of making new summer memories; memories that I will look back on, years from now, and miss, terribly, all while making even more new memories...

...that's the way life goes, and, it's a beautiful thing.

Now, if Mother Nature would just get with the program, we could start making those new summer memories.

 Annnnnnyyyy day now, Mother Nature....

Really. Any freaking day now.

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