Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I Established World Peace Again Today

Actually, I made another 10,000 steps, according to my Fitbit, same diff.

Ok, maybe not, but, in my defense, getting those steps in was a more challenging feat than usual due to the fact that I attended an all-day training that required me to sit on my ass for seven hours. I barely got 2000 steps in by 4:00; the other 8000 happened courtesy of a thirty-minute kickboxing workout and lots and lots of pacing around my kitchen and living room.

Tomorrow, I am hoping to walk outside; that should be a novel experience.

Also on tap for tomorrow: the Man-Cub's end-of-school-year slip-n-slide party. According to the forecast, the sun is supposed to be shining, the temperatures are supposed to reach a scorching 70 degrees, and there will be no rain. Let's hope the local weatherman is correct in his predictions, shall we? Because the Cub has invited the majority of the High School to this little shindig and I would sure hate to send even one of them home with frostbite.

Heatstroke? I could live with that.

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