Sunday, May 24, 2015

In Which Mother Nature Returns the Middle Finger

Yesterday was just as crappy as predicted, maybe more so. I had about two hours of sunshine early in the morning, and I used it to get a little yard work done. I pulled the chaise lounges out of winter storage and got them set up on the back porch, with a cute little table between them, perfect for relaxing in the sunshine with a cool drink and a summer read.

Of course, two minutes after I positioned the table, the heavens opened up and it hailed, hard.

Touché, Mother Nature, touché.

The rest of the day was spent working at the hardware store, where I managed to accomplish enough to spare me having to return until Tuesday morning, which, feels pretty good today. I also did a new workout, cleaned out my closet (two large trash bags ready for charity), and, somehow, managed to get in my 10,000 steps for the day (the Fitbit is a harsh taskmaster).

I felt pretty smug in my accomplishments, but, truth be told, I would much rather have been on the lake.

The sun is making an appearance this morning, but there are dark clouds crowding the horizon, so, I don't hold out much hope for a nice day. I am currently debating the logic in packing up my car and making a quick trip to Mayberry to deliver flowers to my Dad's grave, or, spending the day like a lazy slug on the couch. At this point it could go either way.

The Teenager won't be lazy, today; she got a job at a shoe store in Neighboring City and she has spent the last two days selling the hell out of shoes in the kid's section. I'm super proud of her and I'm thrilled that she is enjoying what she is doing. I'm not so thrilled with her commute, but, that's the way it's going to have to be for a while.

Speaking of which, Hugh and a friend of his are in negotiations to purchase a house in Neighboring City. If the deal goes through, The Teenager and Katie will have a roof over their heads by the time the new semester starts at the college. They will be rooming with the friend's son-who is a friend of theirs from school-as well as one or two more roomates, whom they will have to find on their own.

This could end up being the most economical way to house the child through the remainder of her college years. It could also end up being a nightmare (never asked to be a landlord). Time will tell.

And, speaking of time, it is time for me to get off my ass and determine a course of action for this day. Unfortunately, we all know that it won't entail a cocktail on the porch.

Eff you right back, Mother Nature.

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