Sunday, May 10, 2015

Play Ball! Or...Not

Yesterday, we hosted the first game of the District tournament. Unfortunately, it was the only game that we were able to play, due to the crappy weather that Mother Nature threw at us. It's like she was pissed that we would dare to play ball the day before Mother's Day or something.

As an aside, happy Mother's Day! We'll get to that in another post.

Anyway, the boys won the game, which advances us in the bracket. With the new schedule, we are looking at a 2:00ish start time tomorrow. Assuming the weather cooperates. If it doesn't, we will recreate our polar weather shelter from yesterday; it's not an attractive look for me, but, I managed to keep all my fingers and toes, so, no complaints, here.

                 What? You don't require multiple thermal layers in order to watch baseball? Huh.

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