Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Favorites: The Weather Be Damned Edition

Have you heard me bitch about the weather enough, lately? No? Good, because I am about to bitch about it again.

I just started the first of a three-day weekend. A holiday weekend. A weekend traditionally known for BBQs, boat trips, lazy mornings on the porch, and other warm-weather activities.

So, what is on the radar for the next three days?



Cold-ass temperatures.

Bah to the fucking humbug, Mother Nature.

In an attempt to show Mother Nature the middle finger, I invested in a few items that make me feel decidedly better. They can be utilized in any weather, but, I am still holding out hope for at least a few hours of sunshine over the next 72 hours.

Take that, Mama N!

-Food Network Magazine, because food porn is my jam (yeah, I said it).

-A love story by James Patterson, perfect for kicking back with on the porch (even if I have to do it under the cover of an old quilt).

-New royal blue earrings, because they are pretty and they will match my patriotic bikini (holding out for that sunshine!).

-Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar eye shadow palette, consisting of summery shades of gold, cocoa, and tan (and, coveted for months).

-OPI nail polish in I Can't Hear Myself Pink (because sandals are happening, rain or shine).

And, there you have it; the perfect remedy for the springtime weather blahs.

(Still holding out for that sunshine, though)

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