Saturday, May 16, 2015

Friday Favorites...on Saturday, Whoops

Yesterday was a clusterfuck of a busy day. Between work, my annual mammogram, a hair appointment, chores, and more chores; I was almost too busy to enjoy a nice dinner out with Hugh and the kids.

Thank goodness I made the time.

Rough life, right?

Anyway, after dinner, I took the girls and the Cub to see Pitch Perfect 2, and, at the risk of spoiling those of you who have not yet seen the movie; it was good. Really, really good. In fact, it might rank right up there with some of my other favorite movies, including:

-Steele Magnolias

-16 Candles

-Hope Floats



Sure, they are cheesy and dated, but, the fact that I still pause in my channel surfing to watch them when they appear, makes them favorites in my book.

Oh! Books! Next time, let's talk about my favorite books!*

*Look at you, all on the edge of your seats.

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