Saturday, May 02, 2015

It's A Girl!

No, I'm not talking about England's new princess, although, Kate Middleton did give birth to a little girl this morning (Mazel tov!); I'm talking about the newest addition to our family.

She was born on May 29th and is about 64" long and weighs about 120lbs. She has blue eyes and blond hair and she is gorgeous!

We get custody a week from today, and, I have been feverishly preparing her room and baby-proofing the house, which, in this case, means locking up the alcohol and hiding my Little Debbie snack cakes. Our new baby, you see, is eighteen years old and, experience tells me that teenagers like beer and brownies, neither of which is good for them.

Ok, fine; brownies are ok for kids; I'm just really selfish with my junk food, still! I'm such a conscientious mother (holy crap, I just spelled that right on the first try!).

Anyway, here are a couple of photos of our new baby. Some of you may recognize her, for those of you who don't; this is Katie.


She's going to make a perfect addition to our family-The Teenager loves her, the Man-Cub already thinks of her like a sister, and, she is well past the diaper stage. Win, win, win!

I would totally pass out cigars, but, I've heard that smoking is also bad for babies, so, this announcement will just have to do.

We are blessed.

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