Sunday, August 09, 2015

Astronomy Geeks, Unite!

August, while a harbinger of doom as far as summer is concerned, is also one of my favorite summer months for one reason: the Perseid Meteor showers!

This month, we will be at the lake for what is predicted to be one of the best nights for viewing the Perseids and I can not wait! Assuming the sky is clear and cloudless, the new moon will assist in creating the perfect conditions for us to see as many shooting stars as our hearts desire.

This will be an awesome way to send the kids off to school and a fantastic end to the summer. As a bonus, we will have the motorhomes, which will give us a nice, high spot from which to view the show.

Of course, now that I have said it, Mother Nature will surely smite me for my hubris.

Please don't smite me, Mother Nature.


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