Saturday, August 08, 2015

File Under: Things I Failed to Mention

-The Teenager had all four of her wisdom teeth pulled a few weeks ago. She was a trooper through the entire process and, despite a couple of sore days, she says it really wasn't all that bad.

-Hugh and his dad are in the process of buying a new house. It is located near the university in Neighboring City and the plan is for The Teenager and Katie to move in as soon as possible. Then, they will try to find a couple more roommates to help lower their monthly rent. Hugh is getting a really good deal on the house and he and his dad consider it a good investment.

-The girls start school on August 17th. I doubt we can have the closing before then, so, they will be driving back and forth to school for a while. On the bright side, this will give us more time to hit yard sales and consignment shops for furniture for the new house.

-The Teenager will be taking her bedroom set when she goes and I totally have dibs on her room for a scrapbooking room. Actually, I will probably move the guest room furniture to her room and make the guest room into a scrapbooking room. Either way, I will have a dedicated space that is mine, all mine.

-The Teenager has been kicking ass at her job. She gets great commission on her sales and the managers all seems to like her. They are willing to work with her school schedule and want her to stay on. That makes me both happy and proud.

-The Man-Cub has been working at the hardware store this summer. Lately, he has been helping Hugh with countertop and cabinet installations and he will replace his first water heater on Monday. It's my mom's water heater, which sucks for her. Although, the old one lasted over thirty years, so I guess she can't complain.

-I have been having some weird gynecological happenings down in Ladyland, recently. Dr. Google has delivered various diagnosis, everything from early-onset menopause to uterine cancer, with fibroid cysts thrown in for good measure. I haven't been to the doctor as of yet, but, am starting to think that an appointment may be in order, because, The Change, while unpleasant, I can handle. Cancer? Yeah, not so much.

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