Monday, August 17, 2015

They May Be College Sophomores, But I Still Have Lessons To Teach Them

The girls returned to college today. In stark contrast to their first day of classes last year, there were no tears this morning. For one thing, I wasn't making a five hour drive after leaving them behind. For another, we got The Teenager's tuition bill and it is a third of what we paid for the first semester of her freshman year; it feels really good not to be reeling from sticker shock.

So, yeah.

No tears.

Just a lot of pride in both of these young women; the one I am genetically programed to love and the bonus one. So proud.

Have a great year, girls! I know you will shine like the sun because my world orbits around you*.

*Cheesiest line ever, girls! Don't fall for it if you ever hear it in a bar!

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