Saturday, August 01, 2015

We Will Not Speak of This Again

Generally, this time of year, I am posting photos of vegetables that I have pulled out of my garden. This year? Not so much.

The garden, despite being planted with care and lovingly tended, failed miserably in producing it's bounty. And, by miserably, I mean:

-The green bean seeds never germinated, so, no sprouts there.

- The beets and carrot sprouts never grew more than a couple of inches high, so, they failed to develop beneath ground.

-Thanks to the constant rain, the lettuce took forever to germinate, and, when it did, the plants immediately bolted, thanks to a sudden, and brief, heat wave.

-The pepper plants failed to thrive-no idea what the hell their problem was.

-The zucchini became infested with squash bugs.

-The cucumber plants produced small, inedible, fruits.

-The tomato plants grew well enough to sprawl all over the place yet produced only a handful of tomatoes, which all had blossom rot.

-Even my herbs, which are basically weeds, shriveled away to nothing.

To say that I am disappointed and frustrated would be a vast understatement; I usually consider gardening to be therapeutic, this year, again, not so much.

It now stresses me to even look in the direction of the garden, so much so that I have completely abandoned any semblance of its' caretaking. I am, to sum it up, done.

I have every intention of trying again next year, and, I sincerely hope that Mother Nature cooperates. In the meantime, it's off to the farmer's market I go, because, I may not be able to grow my own awesome produce this year but I'll be damned if I'll miss out on eating it.

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