Thursday, August 27, 2015

Throwback Thursday: The Pigskin Edition

Earlier this evening, I stopped by the school to watch the boys practice football. From my vantage point, high up on the hill above the football field, it was-at first glance- difficult to tell the boys apart. The longer I watched them however, the easier it was to assign a name to a player based simply on the way they moved, stood, or gestured at their teammates.

It's like I've been watching these boys all their lives or something (pretty dang close).

It reminded me of the first football camp that the boys attended, way back in 2007, and, I couldn't help but get a little misty-eyed. So, of course I had to dash home to dig through my photo archives.

What? You didn't see that coming?'s like you don't know me at all.

Anyhoodle, here is the Man-Cub at age 8.

The Cub loved that camp. He enjoyed the drills and the action and the camaraderie between teammates, but, above all else, he loved the official High School football jersey that each camper was awarded on the final evening of camp.

He seriously slept in that thing for a solid month following the end of football season, and, if I'm not mistaken, it is still lurking somewhere in his closet (trust me, I am not mistaken). Also, I love that last picture; the Cub was swimming in that jersey and he kept having to flail his arms up in dramatic fashion in order to clear his hands enough to catch the ball, but, in the picture it totally looks like he is initiating a fight, all, Come at me, bro! Seriously.

Anyway, as you may have guessed, the boys are much larger now. They are no less dedicated to their chosen sport, however, and, it was a pleasure to watch them in action this evening. The first game of the season takes place next Friday night.

I can hardly wait.

Also, those jerseys fit so much better, now.

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