Wednesday, August 19, 2015

In the Immortal Words of Charlie Brown, AAAARRRRGGG!!!

The Man-Cub officially starts classes tomorrow, but, he has already been at the school for the past two days; yesterday, it was for a full day of training on how to be a peer mentor, and, today, it was to provide orientation to the incoming Freshmen.

The mentoring is part of a new service group that the Cub joined and it seems like it is going to be a really good leadership opportunity for him, so, I can't complain.

I could complain about the cluster-fuck disorganization that the school district exhibited this year when it comes to the first day of school, but, I won't; I'm leaving that to everyone else.

Originally, school was set to start on the 18th. Then, the schedule was changed to allow for a two-day teacher training on bullying. Then, for some unknown reason, the schedule was changed to have the elementary school start on the 18th, Middle School (and Freshmen) to start on the 19th, and, the rest of the High School to start on the 20th. The changes were not advertised well and the confusion amongst parents has been ridiculous, although, understandably so.

The nasty posts on the community Facebook page have been epic. Personally, I roll with change fairly well, and, I am not above picking up the phone to ask for clarification if I am confused, but, when I heard that I had missed Back to School Night with it never having occurred to me that it might be held, you know, before my kid ever even started school, I will admit, I was a wee bit miffed.

But, just a bit.

And, I'm still not going to bitch about it; I have no doubt the poor secretaries at the school have had their fill of that nonsense, and I like the secretaries, so, I will catch up with the Cub's teachers later in the fall and, in the meantime, I will trust the Cub to keep me in the loop.

You know, kind of like Charlie Brown trusts Lucy not to pull the football away from him as he winds up to kick it...

...yeah, I am never going to know what is going on at the school.

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