Monday, July 18, 2016

Conversations with the Queen

Queen B and Katie drove to Denver yesterday to visit with their old roommates from their first year of college. While they are there, they plan to take in a Rockies game and to visit the zoo, both of which I heartily approve.

I'm less pleased with the drinking and partying that they will also be doing (I wasn't born yesterday, girls!), but, I will keep my thoughts to myself, what with them being adults and all...well, technically anyway (can vote, can enlist, can get married...can't rent a car, can't drink! It all makes perfect sense!).

I did have to laugh at the text exchange that QB and I had last night, when I innocently messaged to inquire as to whether or not they had arrived and if they were, you know, safe and shit.

I feel like I got my point across while maintaining my cool status (QB would beg to disagree).

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