Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Things Are Finally Humming Along

The past couple of days, there have been multiple hummingbirds at the feeders. This is good news because I was seriously starting to worry; usually the feeders are packed and I am refilling them every other day, this summer? Not so much.

I was actually starting to wonder if the hummers had gone the way of the bumblebees; I'm happy to be wrong.

Guinness and I both love watching the birds zip around. Guinness will sit for hours in the kitchen window, watching them chase each other from feeder to tree to feeder and back again. I enjoy standing on the porch, as close to the feeders as I can get, close enough to feel the flutter of the birds' wings as they zip about my head in search of their next sugar fix; sometimes I capture them in photos, more often, I don't.

They are fast little buggers.

And, beautiful.

There is a wider variety in the type of birds this year; the colors are unique and amazing, and I am determined to photograph each one.

This one reminds me of a goldfish...

The entertainment that the birds provide is worth every penny that I have spent on sugar and all of the time that I have spent boiling water in which to dissolve it.

Hummers say summer to me.

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