Sunday, July 31, 2016


I descend from a long line of natural storytellers; that's why this blog has 2235 posts. I have often asked myself why I write here; in the beginning, it was a way to bridge the distance between myself and my parents, then, it was a way to leave my children a written documentation of their childhoods. I also clearly enjoy the storytelling, so, I guess I've answered my own question several times over.

It's worth noting that I also enjoy listening to stories, and, this weekend, I have heard a treasure trove of my Aunt Rose's personal stories.

Aunt Rose is 83. Last year, she was battling cancer and we thought that Stampede may very well be her last, thankfully, we were wrong; she is here again with us this year. I have to wonder, however, if her obvious need to tell her stories doesn't serve as a precursor to the natural winding down of her internal clock; if, by telling her stories, she can succeed in preserving her legacy here on Earth.

If so, I understand the need. It's just too bad that she didn't pick up pen and paper at some point, to document those stories for her children and grandchildren; she had some great tales to share.

In addition to sharing her stories with us these past few years, Aunt Rose has also allowed us to bear witness to her pursuit of her Bucket List goals; last year, she rode a horse for the first time. This year, she rode a different steed...

...I don't know how much longer the good Lord will see fit to share Aunt Rose with us, but, if we are blessed with another Stampede together, I cannot wait to see what she has up her sleeve. Skydiving? Barrel racing? Mountain climbing? The possibilities are endless.

I just hope that also holds true for her stories.

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