Thursday, July 07, 2016

Shitty News...Literally

The state park, where we spent the holiday weekend, just announced that, due to high levels of e coli in the water, they were temporarily closing the swim beach. The e coli is thought to have been caused by an unusually large migration of geese that settled in the marsh near the beach, and, while the conspiracy theorists amongst us might be all "Rigggghht, geese, tell us another one", I buy the story, because, you know...

...photographic evidence.

At the time I thought "Aw, how cute, geese!". Now, I'm thinking "Oh, great, poop machines!".

On the bright side, we never went anywhere near the swim beach, so the chances of us contracting e coli is slim to none. Of course, now that I have sent that statement out into the universe, I will no doubt be struck down with nausea and bowel cramps in three, two, one...

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  1. Hate it because you could still get that nasty bug. Take care and watch it.