Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Photo Dump

You know, for being a short week, this has already been a really long week.

Know what I mean? It seems like every time a holiday falls on a Monday, the remaining days of the week either crawl by, or, don't have enough hours to catch-up on the work missed on Monday; the latter being true this week.

So, please forgive me if I just throw a lot of pictures up and call it good; hopefully, by Friday, I will be all caught up with work and household chores and will actually have something interesting to say.

Although, that would be something new, actually.

Morning mimosas with the girls.

Jenny, pronounced Jen-ayyy, ala Forest Gump.

One of the greatest things about RVing, I have found, is that the menfolk actually volunteer to cook.

More mimosas...

Patriotic Jello shots.

A glimpse of the view.

And, of the wildlife. Not pictured, the snake that slithered across my path mere minutes after I took this picture. You're welcome.

Instructing Queen B on the fine art of mimosa pouring.

Nothing says summer like a well broken in baseball cap.

Picnic in the park on the way home.

Old school playground equipment.

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