Friday, July 29, 2016

Cutting the Slack

Today, my niece and her dad competed in the qualifying heat for tomorrow's professional rodeo. The preliminary trials are commonly known as Slack, and they are open to the public; mom, Queen B, Emily, the Cub, two of my aunts, and I all attended, which, made for a pretty full cheering section for our team.

And, they didn't disappoint; the Rodeo Princess caught immediately out of the chute, and her dad heeled immediately after. Their time was 6.7 seconds, but, the Princess had accidentally broken the barrier early, resulting in a ten second penalty, which brought their time to 17.7 seconds, which, was still good enough to get them into tomorrow's competition.

We are crossing our fingers for them; the Princess has never won a Stampede saddle before, and it sure would be nice to see her do it this weekend.

Like I said, fingers crossed!

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