Thursday, June 01, 2017

Summer 2017 Bucket List

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I am currently lounging on a beach in Oahu. At least, I hope I am; that was the plan. This post, along with yesterday's, was written in advance and scheduled to post; assuming all went well, you are reading it now and I am wearing a bikini. It's summertime, y'all!

So, what's on the list for the next three months?

1. Focus on nutrition, exercise, and mental well-being. I visited my new doctor before we left for vacation and she has given me three months to try losing weight without screwing around with my medications. I am determined to feel (and look) better, so, here we go. Again.

2. Spend as much quality time with the Cub as I can before we deliver him to HPU in August.

3. Throw my boys a going away luau early in August; they are all jetting (or driving) off to parts unknown for school and/or careers in the military. I have several excited yet heartbroken moms on my hands, and, it would be nice to have one final event at which we can all celebrate (and, commiserate).

4. Re-create the black and white photo that I took of the kids with Jana's crew back when they were younger.

5. Lake time. I would like to spend time on the boat with the kids (and, Jana's crew if possible) at least a few times this summer.

6. Enjoy my 30th high school reunion. I don't have a part in planning it this time, so, it should be easier to enjoy, right?

7. Do a deep cleaning of my house, including closets and the attics. Have a yard sale if I find enough crap to warrant one. Get better organized and streamlined.

8. Decide what the hell I am going to do as an empty-nester. New hobbies? New volunteer opportunities? Train for a body-building competition (No. HELL no)? Write a book? I have no idea, but, I would like to try to figure it out.

9. Porch Night, retro-style. I want to go back to my roots, so to speak, with small gatherings featuring a relaxed menu (a loaf of French bread, grapes, cheese, and wine) and the people who started it all. Jana, Queen B, Kaley, I'm looking at you.

10. Cherries. Homemade mint chip ice cream. Fresh vegetables from the farmer's market (I opted not to plant a garden this year since we were planning to be here, on a beach, during the critical early growing time and there would be no one to tend to it. Also, not ready to grow tomatoes without my Rowdie Dog to eat them. Maybe next year). I want to enjoy all of my summer favorites.

11. Spend some time with The Girls. I really need to find a way to make this happen. I think some quality friend time would go a long way in improving my mental and emotional well being.

And, that's about as ambitious as I plan to get this go-round. I would very much like to enjoy the summer. I would like to feel relaxed and stress-free. I would like to be able to look at the future with a genuine curiosity about what it holds and without dread or fear.

So, on to the summer.

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