Monday, April 16, 2018

Buying a New Mattress is a Lot Like Buying a New Car

Hugh and I have had the same mattress since roughly 2004 and it is beginning to show its age. We notice this most on mornings that we wake up tired and achy, and; I've definitely noticed it a lot recently, thanks to the disturbances in my sleeping patterns. Clearly, fourteen years of nightly use have broken down the materials, and, sleeping in padded divots is not conducive to a good night's sleep. You heard it here, first.

So, Saturday evening, we headed into Hooterville to price a new one, and, friends? Mattress shopping has changed a lot in fourteen years.

It took a solid two hours of reclining on the various floor models before we narrowed down our choice and then it took another half hour of negotiation to get the price down from Rolls Royce territory into the Chevrolet category. I'm not even kidding; we ended up paying about half of what I paid for my first car.

We also purchased a platform that raises the mattress at the head and foot, has a vibrating feature (no need to insert a quarter!), USB ports on each side of the bed, and an led light underneath. My favorite part, however, is the "anti-snore" feature, which will enable me to simply push a button on the remote control, at which point the bed will smother Hugh with a pillow.

Or, raise the head of the mattress just enough to regulate his breathing. Either way!

The price of the mattress and platform includes delivery and the the removal of our old mattress, so, not only will I be getting all new stuff, but, I won't be pressed into service to assist in carting heavy mattresses up and down our stairs; this is a service for which I would have gladly paid twice the price.

Delivery is expected sometime mid-week, at which point I will start comparing my Fitbit sleep reports to assess the new mattress; currently, I am awake an average of twice a night, with 10-19 episodes of restlessness. Any improvement will be welcome, and, at the price of a used car, the new mattress better deliver.

Stay tuned.

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