Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Knock On Wood, Throw Salt Over One Shoulder, Do Whatever It Takes

I hate to jinx myself by saying this out loud, but...I haven't had a hot flash in three days.

I'm gonna let that sink in for a minute.

Three days, hot flash free.

Now, I am still flashing a bit at night, but, even without the new mattress (delivery was postponed to next Wednesday, whomp, whomp), I am sleeping a lot less crappily. New word! (SpellCheck begs to differ!).

While I have no doubt that this is merely another phase in the journey toward the nursing home, I'm totally going to enjoy it while I can (and please feel free to remind me of that when I inevitably start bitching about the flashes once they stage their comeback).

And, that's the latest update to the ongoing Saga of the Perimenopause.

Could my life be any less interesting? I think not. On the bright side, the Man-Cub will be home in 21 days! That's right; I am 21 days away from completing my first season as an empty nester, and I've mostly survived, intact.

Who would have thought?

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