Friday, April 06, 2018

Friday Favorites

Boomerang continues to delight us! Yesterday, I learned that, in addition to fetching, he loves to go for walks. Not only that, but, he runs on the leash very well, pacing my stride without pulling ahead, crossing in front of me, or generally acting like an asshole determined to trip me.

Also, I have to believe that he's done this before; I wish we knew more about his life before us.

Anyhoodle, looks like I have a running partner! This will be especially nice when I run my old route around the park, because, sometimes, it felt a little sketchy to be there on my own, and, not just because of the zombie snakes.

 Hi there, dog. You can come live with me if you protect me from undead reptiles.

On the topic of running, I got a new pair of shoes! That probably doesn't sound all that exciting to you, but, considering that I hadn't bought a new pair in...oh...hell, I can't even remember when I bought my last new's pretty damn exciting to me.

New Balance: Perfect for leaping over undead reptiles!

Also, in shoe news, the weather has finally gotten nice enough to break out sandals on the regular. And, since I lost weight, I can wear my favorite old wedges without my feet ballooning up, cutting off my circulation and making me hobble about like Tiny Tim. This is great news!

Helloooo, pretty blue wedges! Oh, how I've missed you!

The nicer weather also means more frequent pedicures! I busted out some of my favorite shades of OPI the other night and I am planning to use them in rotation throughout the spring and summer.

Who am I kidding? I'll totally buy at least three new shades before summer is out

In other exciting news, when she was here last week, Mom helped me pick out some new bedding for my room. Not only is it beautiful, bright, and springy, but, it's really, really comfortable, as evidenced by the permanent divots being dug into the mattress, courtesy of the cats, who, have scarcely left the bed since I changed the linens.

Feline tested, Feline approved.

Wrapping things up, I'll mention that ibuprofen is definitely becoming a favorite, because, the soreness in my right arm, thanks to throwing a tennis ball approximately seven gazillion times in the last 24 hours, is intense.

I was not kidding when I said the dog likes to play fetch.

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