Friday, April 13, 2018

Friday Favorites

It's finally Friday, and, as predicted, the weather has turned to absolute crap. Thank you, Mother Nature. Thank you ever so much.

Happily, I have Snapchats from my offspring to brighten my day. Queen B recently discovered a new filter and she has been cracking me up with her efforts...

..while the Man-Cub made my week by sharing his recently shaved, adorably stubble-free, baby face...

...then, Queen B slayed me her impersonation of Boomerang, and, that was all she wrote.

Oh! I also got to wear the cutest wedges in my footwear wardrobe this week!

You know, before Mother Nature went off her bi-polar meds, dropping temperatures by thirty degrees and throwing a snow/rain mixture at us with gale-force winds.

Speaking of meds, what are the chances that insurance would cover Pinot Grigio as a treatment for perimenopausal symptoms?

Asking for a friend.


Anyhoodle, the picture above is of a chicken breast stuffed with mozarella, sundried tomato, and basil. I made it from a recipe I found on Pinterest and it became an instant favorite (the fact that it pairs nicely with Pinot Grigio is just a coincidence, I swear).

Oh, and, hey! Speaking of perimenopausal symptoms (hot flashes, I'm looking at YOU), I recently added a new weapon to my arsenal against night sweats; linen blend sheets! Seriously! They are hella expensive, but, worth every penny. Why? Because they don't hold moisture, which means I don't wake up twisted into a sweaty, damp, cold, clammy, juicy, moist, perimenopausal cocoon.

You're welcome for that image.


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