Sunday, April 01, 2018

April Care Package

Happy Easter! I hope that the day marking the resurrection of our lord and savior treats you well and that you have the opportunity to spend it with treasured family members. I am fortunate to have Mom, Queen B, Oscar, and Emily joining us this year, and I intend to show them all a very good time. Of course, the Man-Cub is missing the celebration, but, that doesn't mean the bunny forgot him; here is the care package that he has to open this morning.


- Wheat Thins
- Cheddar Cheese Spray
- Graham crackers
- Hershey Bars
- Campfire Marshmallows
- White Cheddar Cheese Balls
- Gummi Bears
- Chocolate Bunny
- Robins Eggs
- Reeses Eggs
- Snickers Eggs
- Reeses Pieces
- Bunny Ring Pop
- Chocolate Coins

It occurs to me that this will be the last care package that I will send to the Cub this year; he flies home on May 7th!

I've had a lot of fun putting these packages together and I hope that he always remembers the efforts that I went to to share a little piece of home with him when he was so far away. Next year, he is hoping to share a house with roommates, so, care packages may-or may not-be neccassary. Time will tell. I mean, you have to cut the cord sometime, am I right?

Probably not, if you ask the Cub.

Besides, it isn't as though I've managed to cut it with Queen , either; here is her Easter "basket" to prove it...

She got a new cooking pot, because, she's an adult, I mean, obviously. It's not like I'm treating her like a baby.

(Although, she'll always be mah bay-bee!)

Happy Easter, y'all!

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