Monday, April 30, 2018

This Weekend Brought to You by Ibuprofen

Oh, my word, y'all, I. Am. Sore.

Like, if I didn't have an innate aversion to prescription pain killers, I would totally be popping the oxy, sore.

How did I get this way, you ask? Well, Friday night, while Hugh and I were enjoying a delicious meal at our favorite Chinese restaurant before catching the early showing of Avengers: Infinity War (more on that in a minute), Phoebe texted to let me know that she'd had a change of plans and wouldn't be visiting the following day, after all (insert sad face, here), so; I decided to spend Saturday cleaning off the porch and getting it ready for Porch Night Season (yes, I totally capitalized that shit like it's a proper noun).

Sounds like a simple task, right?

Oh, my heavens, no.

It required the use of a power washer, a really powerful power washer; wielding that sucker for several hours was a workout unlike any that I have endured recently, and, by the time I was finished, my arms were limp, shaky, and completely weakened. And, then I got to carry all the furniture back up onto the porch from the lawn, where I had moved them. By the time I finally got to sit down to enjoy the fruits of my efforts, my arms were too tired to even raise a wineglass to my lips.

I'm not even kidding.

But! The porch is now Porch Night Season ready! Which, means that, once the feeling returns to my hands, I'll be hoisting wineglasses in the company of my friends on a nice clean porch.

Worth the effort.

Also worth the effort? Attending the Avengers movie on Friday night! Oh, my, heavens, fellow comic book geeks! What a great movie! What an ending! I don't wish to spoil anyone who hasn't seen it yet,  so, I won't go into detail, but, trust me when I say; if superheroes are your thing, get thyself to the theater, ASAP!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to throw back a handful of over-the-counter pain meds so I can go to work, where, if I'm lucky, the most strenuous thing I will have to do will entail typing and holding myself upright.

I can probably handle that.

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