Friday, July 12, 2019

Because It Isn't a Party Without Swag

If all is going according to plan, I am currently in the company of The Girls, cruising the open highway on yet another epic road trip. By now, we will have hit the grocery and liquor stores, loaded the Tahoe with enough food and booze to fuel a long, slow buzz, slathered on some sunscreen, and, popped a late 80's/early 90's mix CD into the player.

It's not for nothing that I say this will be epic, and, since an epic party deserves an epic goody bag, I put a few together.

Each bag contains:

-Fluffy beach towel

-Large mandala beach throw

-Fun beer bottle koozie

-Personalized water bottle

-Wide brimmed floppy hat

-"Official" Girls Weekend tank top

-Candy shot glasses

-A special surprise based on an inside joke, neither of which I can divulge here (What happens on Girls Weekend, stays on Girls Weekend)

The personalized water bottles and tank tops are the handiwork of BCPE, who recently started a non-Etsy Etsy shop. She did a fantastic job and I am so excited for her and this new venture.

And, it goes without saying that I am equally excited for our little adventure.

Party on!

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