Tuesday, July 30, 2019

But Where Have All the Hummers Gone?

This year's unusually wet winter and spring have been both a blessing and a curse here in Colorado; a blessing because we have had a fire-free summer, rivers and streams running nonstop, lakes and reservoirs filled to capacity, and an explosion of fruits, vegetables, and wildflowers. The curse has come with flooding, mudslides, rock slides, accidental drownings, and, well, those darn wildflowers.

See, with so many flowers blooming, the hummingbirds have had less interest in my feeders, so, while I am usually just about bankrupted by my sugar purchases, this year I have sweetener to spare.

This makes me sort of sad. I miss my fine feathered friends, and, were it not for this one little guy, I would be completely bereft.

He's been hanging around my feeders since late May. At least, I'm pretty sure it's the same one, I mean, they do all look pretty similar, but, this little guy seems, I don't know, familiar, somehow?

Oh God, I really have become a crazy Bird Lady.

Forget we had this little talk.

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