Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Who Brought the Ants to the Picnic?

I did! Or, more accurately, the Picnic Committee and I did.

Today was the annual Family Gathering at Day Job, and, we went with a very traditional picnic theme, including lots and lots of red and white gingham tablecloths and blankets. We served ham and cheese sliders, potato salad, watermelon, and, chips, served from a traditional picnic basket.

We had face painting, hoola-hooping, bubble-blowing, a bouncy castle, and, of course, ants.

What? You thought I was kidding?

Anyhoodle, my party-planning duty is done for the year! I'm totally off the hook for the Fall Family Gathering and the annual Family Christmas party, and, I won't be expected to lead the effort for this particular event again next summer. A load had been lifted, friends!

Speaking of lifting loads, did you know that ants can carry one hundred times their body weight? I know because one of my clients told me so. The picnic was fun and educational.


Also, guess how many of those ants were left once the party was over? Zero. There were zero ants left after the party. Where did they go? Home, of course! Clutched in grubby fists, stuffed in tiny pockets, and, in at least one case that I am aware of, casually tucked inside a diaper.

I feel especially sorry for that ant.

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