Tuesday, July 02, 2019

June 2019 Bucket List Review

So, how did I do? I did really well! This isn't saying much, considering I set the bar super low. Details!

1. Go cherry picking with Jana...well, I didn't get the chance to go with Jana, but, I did go cherry picking with Co-Worker Erin and Ex Co-Worker Kristi (or, as they insist I call them: THE Lesbians).

2. Nail the mother/baby photo session that I had scheduled for the month...NAILED it! Have now decided to set up a schedule for a full week of mommy & me sessions every summer.

3. Take one epic road trip...nope. Well, I did drive to Mayberry for my great niece's baptism, but, I wouldn't exactly call it epic. Fun, for sure, and, really, really pretty.


4. Find a pool and spend a day lounging beside it...I wish, but, not so much.

5. Dinner on the boat on a lake with Chris and Jana...again, nope. Chris and Jana have been really busy with both their trucking and concession stand business, so, we haven't seen much of them. I miss my Jana Bobanna.

6. Read at least three books...yep,yep, and, yep.

7. Host at least one Porch Night...yes, ma'am! Had a ball!

8. Make a serious effort to use my reusable canvas grocery bags...so simple...so difficult, yet, I made a concerted effort, and, succeeded in at least fifty percent of my shopping trips. Semi-success!

My bucket list for this month is a work in progress in my brain, but, should be posted sometime later today, if not tomorrow. It's not going to be terribly ambitious, as I am learning that setting the bar low makes me look like a winner. Damn, that sums up the attitude of half our country these days.


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