Friday, July 19, 2019

Friday Favorites

Wow, did this week go by quickly! I'm assuming that's because we have entered the time warp that happens at this time each year. Stampede is next weekend, Darren's wedding is two weeks later, the Man-Cub leaves for Hawaii two days after, and, no doubt, it will be snowing by September.


But, let's not dwell on the negative.

OPI is always a favorite; these are the shades that I have been wearing lately.

While I've not been a fan of matte colors in the past, I have to admit I've been digging them this summer. Currently, I am wearing this shade...'s a really pretty petal pink, just neutral enough to go with most of my summer shoes.

Mama Jill stopped by last week; she dropped off a little gift for me...

...she's working as a fire crew dispatcher again this year and has been stationed in a few different places already. The fact that she thinks of me at every winery she visits is a favorite for sure.

I'm also really liking this bracelet that I got as an add-on in my latest FabFitFun subscription box; it's the constellation of Sagittarius, which is my sign.

Hugh took this picture of Boomer the other day;

Hugh says this is where he stations himself whenever I am upstairs, which, makes sense, since this is what I usually see when I head down...

If Boomer had a blog, I'm pretty sure I would feature prominently in his Friday Favorites posts.

Obviously, the feeling is mutual.

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