Monday, July 15, 2019

It's Going to be a Rough Re-Entry, But I Have Zero Regrets

I got home from my long weekend with The Girls a little before eight o'clock last night and I still feel like I am rocking with the motion of a boat on a lake. This is not a bad thing, necessarily; it's a sensation that one would expect to encounter after spending the better part of two days flying across a lake.

I also have a slight sunburn on the bridge of my nose, a residual headache, am more than a bit dehydrated, and, am seriously dreading a full day of work at both the hardware store and Day Job.

But, I have no regrets, or, as we said all weekend, no ragrets! Side note: The caption on our next Girls Weekend t-shirt will absolutely be NO RAGRETS.

I had an amazing time with women whom I adore. We tuned out the world, dialed up the tunes, and laughed our fool heads off for four days. I'll write more about the trip later (got to get to the first of those two jobs!), but, I started the trip like this...

...and ended it looking like a homeless person...

and, I wouldn't have it any other way.

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