Monday, March 29, 2010

According to Ancient Mythology, Harpies Had the Gift of Prophecy. I Hereby Prophesize a Lot of Therapy in The Man-Cub’s Future

Friday night, the weather took a dismal turn, with high wind advisories and blowing snow. The wind was so blustery that, at one point, I looked out the French door and it was snowing sideways across the back yard and that shit ain’t right.

It was still snowing when, after watching one of the most boring movies ever to grace the silver screen (The Invention of Lying), we all toddled off to bed so; it should have come as no surprise to any of us to awaken Saturday morning to three inches of very wet snow yet, ironically, I was. Surprised, I mean. And, disappointed since we had an hour-long trip to a nearby town for the Man-Cub’s wrestling tournament and foul weather always jacks up the works at these tournaments.

 Needless to say, I didn’t start the day in the sweetest of moods.

The fact that I was irritable became glaringly obvious when, at the conclusion of our precarious and life-threatening drive, we discovered that the Man-Cub had neglected to put his equipment bag in the car prior to leaving the house. The one thing he is responsible for and he forgot it. And, while I would like to say that I handled my frustration in a healthy and constructive manner; I would totally be lying.

In truth, I instantly morphed into a harpy shrew, with the yelling and the finger waggling and the “I can’t believe you forgot the one thing you are responsible for, where did I go wroooong?”, complete with garment-rending and exasperated sighing but, then I could have sworn I saw a sign welcoming me to Harpieville, Population: YOU and I reigned in the theatrics accordingly.

In the end, the Cub and Hugh borrowed wrestling shoes and headgear from one of Hugh’s officiating buddies whose son also wrestles and the Cub was able to compete. Due to the weather, there were a lot of no-shows and brackets had to be switched around to accommodate kids whose brackets were under-filled and, long story short; the Cub ended up wrestling kids ten pounds heavier than him. Happily, he rose to the occasion and managed a second-place finish, borrowed shoes and all. Later, we went out to lunch with another wrestling family and, to my relief, saw that the snow had melted enough for the drive home to be problem-free. The day was not a loss, as predicted during my earlier rant at the Cub and, we even got home early enough to do laundry and to catch our breath before Sunday’s volleyball tournament in Neighboring City.

Where, I would like to point out, we arrived complete with volleyball equipment bag, cooler, camera case and stadium seat, one item of which was The Teenager’s sole responsibility.

Return visit to Harpieville, totally averted. Future trips to the couch for the Cub, still highly likely.

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