Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So Much for Always Being Prepared

The Man-Cub’s Scout leader called last night to make sure that the Cub had confirmed with his scout-mates that they would be bringing plates and cups to tonight’s awards ceremony. Although it was the first that I had heard of either an awards ceremony or party supplies, I assured her that everything was on track. When I hung up the phone, I had the following conversation with the Cub.

Chelle: Cub! Get in here, right now!

Man-Cub: What?

Chelle: Is there something you forgot to tell me about this week’s scout meeting?


Chelle: Well?


Man-Cub: Umm…what?

Chelle: Is there, perhaps, something you needed to do for tomorrow’s meeting?


Man-Cub: Oh, yeah, we have this, um, thing we are doing.

Chelle: And?

Man-Cub: And, um…. I need to be there?

Chelle: And, did you, perhaps, have a responsibility to make sure that something else was there?

Man-Cub: Oh, yeah! I was supposed to have someone bring something.

Chelle: Who bring what?


Man-Cub: Uh…plates? I think? And, cups?

Chelle: Were you supposed to bring them or did you ask someone else to?

Man-Cub: Yes.

Chelle: yes, what?

Man-Cub: I asked someone else to bring them.

Chelle: Who?

Man-Cub: One of the other Weebelos. I forget his name.

Chelle: How are we supposed to call him to remind him to bring cups and plates if you can’t remember who you assigned?


Man-Cub: Huh. You might want to pick some up, just in case.

This is the child I have charged with the responsibility of picking out my nursing home.

Hold me.

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