Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ok, Sybil, Make Up Your Mind

Mother Nature cannot seem to decide if she wants to continue with the crappy winter weather or move on to a nice spring season. Personally, I am pulling for spring and, I have the recently purchased sandals, bottle of OPI (Clubbing til Sunrise), and new Capri’s to prove it.

But, seriously, in the past two days we have gone from warm temperatures and sunshine to snow to rain to a snow/rain mixture back to warm temperatures and sunshine. Currently, half of the sky is blue and cloud-free and the other half is gray as a sheet of metal; clearly hoarding yet another storm to be unleashed on us at some time in the very near future.

So, yes; indecision may-or may not-be Mother Nature’s problem. For the record, my money is on the former rather than the latter.

In news not related to weather, I finally attended my first meeting of my new book club the other night and I really think I am going to enjoy it. The hostess was a friend of mine from way back when I was working at Old Job and I hadn’t seen her in ages and ages so; it was nice to catch up. The snacks she provided were delicious (brie with an awesome fig jam), the ladies were warm and welcoming, and the wine drinking lasted longer than the actual discussion of the book with celebrity gossip featuring heavily in the conversations. Also, no one was the least bit ashamed to admit that they find Taylor Lautner extremely appealing. Also, jail bait but; what’s a little harmless drooling over unattainable movie stars among friends?

The Mother Ship, she has landed.

In other other news, Hugh and I are closing on our new mortgage tomorrow. We got a sweet interest rate that will allow us to consolidate our car and boat loans into the house payment as well as pulling out cash for The Teenager’s braces, money to finish the landscaping in the front yard plus a little something for a family vacation later this summer and, all for the same monthly payment that we were making before.

I think even Mother Nature would agree; that was a deal too good to pass up. Now, if she would just pull her head out of her royal ass and give us some nice weather, maybe we could actually start on that landscaping.

Fingers crossed.

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  1. Hey, Taylor Lautner is 18 now! No longer Jail bait! Too bad his face still looks like a 12 year old. Here, can you put this bag on your head? ha ha Now I feel like a dirty old woman.