Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What a Sucktatstic Day I Have Had!

It got off to a rollicking start this morning when I discovered the absence of hot water for my shower. Hugh was less than sympathetic when I frantically called him at the gym, where he was working out. He actually had the nerve to say “I can’t warm up the water from here, Chelle”. Oh, no he di’int. Oh yes, he did.

Then, at my woman’s club, I failed to win the election for Second Vice President and, while I didn’t actually campaign for the position, I didn’t actively campaign against the office, either. So, I am three for three in lost elections, making me the official Susan Lucci of Altrusa. Go, me!

In addition, the matching socks that I ordered for the volleyball team still haven’t arrived and I am starting to fear that something has gone dreadfully wrong, at least; as dreadfully wrong as something involving socks can go.

The kids were released from school early today due to CSAP testing and, I completely forgot; the Man-Cub had to walk home. And, sure, the sun was shining and the walk is less than half a mile and he’s eleven, but still; what kind of a mother forgets her son at school?

Plus, I still don’t have hot water this evening even though Hugh “fixed” the problem earlier today and, if I don’t get a shower tomorrow, I will not be held accountable for my actions, ugly though they may be.

To top it all off, I am watching Lost and, while there is much more Sawyer this episode (major plus), it looks as though both he and Kate are going over to the Dark Side and, the hell, Lost? You already corrupted my sweet Sayid, why you gotta mess with my Dimples? Whyy?? For the love of God, whyyyy?


Here’s hoping tomorrow is a better day. And, you know, that I have hot water and am not forced over to the Dark Side, myself.

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