Monday, March 15, 2010

Only the Lazy Blog in Bullet Points. Hello, I Am Lazy.


-Pampered myself with a facial, complete with neck and shoulder massage, at the day spa in town. Left the place limp as a noodle. Can’t really recall the drive home, such was my blissful state.

-Took the Man-Cub to the Mother/Son dance at his school. Witnessed a second grader doing an adequate imitation of the Michael Jackson crotch-grab/hip thrust movement; still have not recovered.

-Ate a slice of margherita pizza that was to die for.

-Ate the rest of the pizza for good measure (it was a small pizza. Sorta.)


-Got up at the crack of dawn to attend the Man-Cub’s wrestling tournament.

-Got a little teary-eyed when the Cub took first place and, all four kids in his bracket fist-bumped him, patted him of the back and begged their parents to take pictures of them all posing together.

-Cursed loudly under my breath when my camera battery died right before that Kodak moment.

- Got teary-eyed again when one of the Cub’s opponents gave me a hug when I praised him for wrestling so well (we’ve known the kid since he and the Cub started wrestling six years ago; he lives in another town and we only see him at the tournaments and he’s just such a doll and his mom is MIA and always has been and I just adore the kid and can’t credit his dad enough with how well he is raising his son and, there I go again! Tears!)

-Spent the rest of the day supervising Hugh as he went about his Honey Do’s.

-Almost cried again at the sight of our house, free of Christmas lights for the first time since early December.

-Refrained from pointing out that this is practically a new record in timely light-removal but; only because Hugh was also kind enough to put together The Teenager’s new basketball backboard/hoop thingie.

-Also refrained from pointing out that we have had the basketball backboard/hoop thingie since February 23rd.

-Made lasagna as a reward for Hugh’s efforts.

-Actually remembered to set every clock in the house forward an hour.

-Cursed loudly under my breath the whole time.


-Got up earlier than the crack of dawn (thanks Daylight Savings Time, you bastard!) to drive The Teenager and one of her teammates to Neighboring City for volleyball.

-Burnt my tongue on my coffee; blamed Daylights Savings Time (you bastard!)

-Watched the girls play better volleyball than they have played all season; praised their team spirit and wished that the damn matching socks Hugh and I ordered for each of the girls had been delivered in time for the tournament; blamed Daylights Savings Time (you bastard!) although, it probably had nothing to do with the delay.

-Cruised the aisles at Sam’s Club, watching the kids try every available sample before purchasing berry sundaes and driving home.

-Fell into a drooling coma on the couch; blamed Daylights Savings Time (say it with me, you bastard!).

So, that was my weekend in bullet form. Because I am lazy.

Also, I hate Daylight Savings Time. In case you couldn’t tell.


  1. I hate Daylight Savings Time, too!!!! And it is definitely all its fault!

  2. Am horrified that my second grader also knows the Michael Jackson hip thrust dance. Where are they learning it from?!?!